How to choose cement silo
Reading Guide:Cement silo is a device for storing bulk cement and necessary equipment for concrete mixing plant. But how to select the cement bin when we buy it? This paper summarizes some cement bin selection methods for your reference.

1. types of choices
There are many types of Cement silos, and customers should choose the bulk cement bin, flake cement bin or the cement warehouse on the spot according to the concrete location of the cement warehouse. If the location is far from the manufacturer, it is recommended to use sheet cement bin or on-site cement silo, which can reduce transportation costs and save investment costs.

2. model selection
Cement silo model should be selected according to the storage of powder may be used to determine the amount, the common cement silo models from 30 tons to 500 tons in short range, customers can decide, according to the actual situation, we must control, make the production smoothly.
3. quantity choice
If the concrete mixing station and cement manufacturers warehouse distance, then we need to reserve more cement, so this time you need to buy more cement silo, if close, prepared against want; just look at the use of it. In addition, if customers need more powder, not only cement, but also fly ash, mineral powder, etc., you need to buy more than a few cement bins.

4. manufacturers' choice
In the choice of cement silo, to choose a good reputation of the manufacturers, there is no doubt that, another point is that in the selection must choose the pre-sale customer service good service, good technology manufacturers, before buying the best is to go to the factory site visits, and a formal contract and manufacturers.

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