Environmental protection schemes of concrete mixing station
Reading Guide:Several schemes for dust removal and environmental protection of concrete mixing plant
    In recent years, with the development of low carbon economy, many industries have begun the transition from the traditional extensive development mode of low carbon, so the construction industry, to establish the production of concrete mixing station, should be the first choice to solve the problem of environmental protection.
    Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery as a concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers, through the following aspects to solve the problem of concrete mixing station equipment dust removal.

1 closed material yard
    Silo storage aggregate is often the primary position to produce dust, building materials of our country lags behind, without washing gravel containing large amounts of dust, dust is prone to outdoor environment, so we should build the enclosed yard, the site will be stored aggregate package.
2 complete equipment for hermetic packaging
    The main part of the concrete mixing plant equipment is fully sealed outer packaging, the use of color steel tile conveyor belt conveyor for external packaging.

3 dust removal system
    In the closed material yard, host, cement warehouse and other parts of the dust removal system, from the internal dust reduction.
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