The performance of small concrete mixer - JS500 concrete mix
Reading Guide:This article mainly introduces the production performance and mixing level of JS500 concrete mixer

    JS500 Concrete Mixer is a good production performance and high production efficiency of the mixer, the mixer not only can be used alone, but also with the corresponding concrete batching machine combining simple mixing station, so the JS500 concrete mixer by the majority of users of love. Both users and manufacturers hope JS500 can be more long serving us, manufacturers want long life JS500 concrete mixer requires improvements in technology and equipment, the user needs to find techniques in use, we simply for the majority of users to introduce a little bit of skill use this type of mixer when the.

    First, although the JS500 concrete mixer can stir many kinds of concrete, but also it can not stir, so before buying must first understand what you need it can not produce concrete; then is to understand the specific parameters of this type of mixer, these are rated parameters, whether the user put the material in or what to do, had better not exceed his ratings; to check the water pump before each use, ensure every time use pumps have water; users must do daily cleaning work, to ensure the machine clean; users must do daily maintenance and maintenance work, in order to discover and solve problems in time; finally I hope users don't make it work 24 hours every day in the use of JS500 concrete mixer, let it rest A little bit, so that it will use a longer term.
JS500 concrete mixer is a high degree of automation of the machine, so it is not complicated to use, only the user can do not overload, often do cleaning, maintenance and repair work can make your mixer better service for you!


Concrete mixers FAQS:
Question: how to install JS500 concrete mixer? Is not more trouble
Answer: JS500 concrete mixer installation, refer to the specific installation instructions, or manufacturers of technical personnel on-site guidance installation.
Question: JS500 concrete mixer pump motor? I want to plan the circuit
Answer: JS500 concrete mixer pump motor, the current use of the 1.1---3KW motor.
Question: concrete 25 stations with what kind of ascension is more appropriate?
Answer: in accordance with the relevant standards of the industry, HZS25 type concrete mixing station, are used to lift the bucket lifting method.
Question: JS750 concrete mixer which works? What is the scope of use
Answer: this type of mixer, mainly used for small construction sites are ready mixed concrete mixing and construction, such as prefabricated parts, township roads and other projects.
Question: what is the structure of the 90 station host?
Answer: HZS90 station host model for JS1500, this forced twin shaft mixer, compact structure, uniform mixing, stirring intensity, stable operation.
Question: HZS60 type concrete mixing station with the main imported brands?
Import host, the current domestic popular, is undoubtedly the Zhuhai high tech company and Tianjin BHS.
Question: what are the 25 concrete station standard configuration? Best detail point
Answer: the standard configuration: JS500 host, PLD800 in a batching machine, a set of water metering, cement metering set, a set of measuring admixture of fly ash, a set of measurement, 60T powder tank two, LSY219*8M pump two sets, a set of gas path system, a set of control system.
Question: HZS180 type concrete mixing station with large forklift right?
Answer: in the forklift equipped with HZS180 type concrete mixing station is usually more than 50 shovel.
Question: JS750 concrete mixer to enhance power? Strong enough power
Answer: JS750 concrete mixer to enhance the power of the motor, the majority of domestic manufacturers choose to use 7.5KW motor, but also the use of other power motors.

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