Concrete mixing station reducer gear oil replacement matters
Reading Guide:In this article, we introduce the need to pay attention to the replacement gear oil

    Reducer is an important component of many mechanical equipment, in the concrete mixing plant equipment, reducer maintenance and maintenance has very important significance to the overall mechanical equipment operation, therefore should not careless. The maintenance of the reducer is generally the replacement of gear oil. This requires the replacement of the former to distinguish the merits of gear oil, select high-quality gear oil.


    After selecting the gear oil, you can start to change the oil . The oil process is fairly simple, place a suitable container in the oil drain plug below, remove bet oil plug, vent and drain plug, oil discharge gear (high temperature, easy discharge) all the oil clean, replace the drain plug sealing ring installed on the drain plug. According to the provisions of the new oil and gear oil, gear oil do not mix different manufacturers or specifications, check and ensure the high gear oil demulsibility and EP grade, and then replace the plug sealing ring installed on the plug. After the test can be turned on to check whether there is abnormal speed reducer reducer, such as the sound is normal.


    Note that, in any operation of the reducer, the host must first cut off the power supply, ensure that the equipment has completely stopped working, and to take all necessary measures to prevent the equipment without any warning or sudden accident power operation. In addition, personnel should also pay attention to their own safety, to avoid direct contact with the lubricating oil, oil and detergent, to do a good job protection measures.

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