Transportation problem of concrete mixing station
Reading Guide:The problems existing in the transport process of the concrete mixing station

    The concrete mixing station or called concrete mixing plant manufacturers offer in commodity concrete mixing station, the general price excluding tax excluding freight, for customers, tax rate is fixed, directly added to the line, and the freight is not easy to say. Many customers worry about the cost of shipping, often require mixing station staff in the price of the offer also reported. Is it really appropriate? Today, Lijie machinery is and to talk about the commercial concrete mixing station transportation problem.



    The first question and answer the above mentioned requirements of concrete station manufacturers reported the freight, mixing can be said that in the beginning of the quotation require manufacturers to give a specific amount of freight, is very unwise.

    First, at present, the domestic concrete mixing station manufacturers do not provide a self built logistics distribution manufacturers (except for special circumstances, such as local manufacturers etc.) service, all of the commercial concrete mixing station, concrete mixing station, is made up of third party logistics transport, and third party logistics due to changes in the distance the departure time, distance, loading, weather, temporary traffic changes and other factors will appear the same goods in different parts of the carriage is different even in the same area with a freight are different phenomena, which allows manufacturers when the customer offer is difficult to grasp an accurate value, in this under the condition of the manufacturers sales is facing strong customer requirements at the freight situation, many sales staff in order to ensure the profits of manufacturers can only put the newspaper to high freight.


    In another case, even if the mixing station manufacturers on request first offer is the normal price, but because of the whole commercial concrete mixing station production cycle is long, the production is completed, probably because of some other reasons such as the replacement of logistics freight to change, this time the two sides will appear the phenomenon of wrangling.

    Therefore, the suggestion is that customers Lijie machinery, logistics as much as possible of their choice, their price to communicate with the logistics company, this can reduce the maximum freight price, on the other hand, in the transport process of what had happened to solve.

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