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Reading Guide:Customers care about concrete mixing station prices, concrete mixing station prices must according with the principle of the market

Customers care about concrete mixing station prices, concrete mixing station prices must according with the principle of the market, if the price of the concrete mixing station is very low, you must be vigilant, it may be refurbished machines, refurbished machines exist security risks in use, you should check carefully in the purchase of Concrete mixer machine/ mixing station/concrete  plant, please do not hoodwinked.

1 check the appearance of the mixer
The formal new concrete mixer / concrete mixing station main structure without obvious deformation, welding, crack. The installation is in accordance with the requirements, the parts and accessories are complete, the machine is clean, no rust, no obvious traces of concrete. The refurbished machine in the details of defects, consumers should carefully check.

concrete plant

2 check the safety device
Regular new concrete mixer / mixer hopper action sensitive and reliable. The clutch transmission power is effective, the separation is thorough, the brake is reliable, the hopper motor is reliable, does not have the slide phenomenon. Concrete mixer wire type, quality and specifications in accordance with the regulations, the wear and fracture of wire rope card does not exceed the prescribed, in accordance with the specification, open gear and belt wheel shield complete safety latch hook and security hopper on the track of sound, completely. Refurbished machines is far less than this effect.

JS1500 Concrete Mixer

3 check the drive
The original new mixer / mixer station is running smoothly, the connection is reliable, the gear mesh well,Drive belt consistence, force uniform, no fault.The chain, sprocket tooth bite phenomenon.Reducer functioning as ring, good seal.The motor work as ring, temperature rise within the rules.Good insulation and grounding requirements.

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