Concrete mixer parts "bitting" worker's ankle
Reading Guide:Around 13:30 on February 27th, a construction site in Zhejiang, Xiaoshan County, China, a man's left foot unfortunately stuck by the concrete mixer parts, due to the error operation, unable to move.

    After received a public warning, rescue personnel rushed to the scene to implement the rescue.When the ambulance personnel arrived at the scenem, they saw a 60 year old man lying on his side in a blender upper position, his hands grasp the side of the scaffold, the waist was fixed on the scaffold with wood and rope by the workers, his left ankle was tightly stuck whthin the gap of support and the concrete mixer parts. 

    The old man looked pale and trembling in pain, visual injury is very heavy, if not timely rescue, there may be a risk of amputation.

Concrete mixer parts "bitting" worker's ankle 3

    Ambulance personnel immediately use wood in a blender at the top of the erection of rescue platform, and pacify the elder, divert his attention, while the use of hydraulic expander on the gap between the concrete mixer parts and the bracket.

    5 minutes later, with the continuous expansion of the rescue space, the old man's left ankle was successfully taken out. Ambulance personnel immediately carried him to the ambulance, escorted to the hospital for treatment. It is understood that, due to the timely rescue, the old man's injury is not serious.

Concrete mixer parts "bitting" worker's ankle 1Concrete mixer parts "bitting" worker's ankle 2

    "He go to look over the building materials, But after a little time I hear him scream, and saw his ankle was stuck, we immediately stop the concrete mixer, rescue hime with crowbars and other tools, but the various rescue methods can't save him, so we immediately reported to the police." The site master Zhang said with a little scared.

    Tips: When operating concrete mixer machine, Must operate in strict accordance with the rules, if the machine is accidentally stuck, we must calmly, don't move the stuck position, and timely alarm, waiting for rescue personnel to the scene disposal.

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