Jianxin Container modular concrete batching plant
Reading Guide:The Jianxin Machiery research and development team finally developed a new type of concrete plant with environmental protection performance, high efficiency and convenient transportation and installation through long-term efforts.
Recently, Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery has a new member in concrete plant group. That is container modular concrete batching plant developed by research and development team of Jianxin Machinery through a long-term unremitting efforts, with advantages of environmental protection, efficient and convenient transportation and installation. 
This container modular concrete batching plant follows the automatic controlled production line, and adopts modular container design in the main structure. Each main part of the organic combination will be placed in a few closed container, at the time of installation will need only a few containers module in the right way and the order together constitute the set of mixing equipment.
It has advantages of:
1. Simple and quick disassembly and installation.
2. Easy to transport.
3. Closed container can bring good environmental protection effect by reducing the noise and dust pollution.
4. Top choice for construction: Efficiency, Quality, Cost-saving
Jianxin container modular concrete plant is the research focus in recent years. It is spoken highly of as soon as launch in market because of its automation, high efficiency, environmental protection, simple installation and other advantages.
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