A few details need to pay attention
Reading Guide:A few details need to pay attention during installating the concrete batching plant
To build a concrete batching plant,choosing equipment is important, installation and debugging are important equally. 
Best choice when purchasing equipment is to choose manufacturer which providfe products of good quality and provide installation and commissioning services. 
Quality and proper installation of equipment is a prerequisite to ensure the follow-up of the production of stable and high efficiency.
Concrete batching installation includes installation of hosts, batching machine, cement warehouses, and other components. Overall, basic working should be done well, legs, rack-mounted should be fixed firmly. Actual installation needs to be carried out according to specific circumstances. At the time of installation, in order to shorten the construction period, cement silo base can be used in place of anchor bolts embedded parts to fix cement silo or mixer. Screw conveyor is to be installed after the installation of mixer and cement silo. 
Check the lubrication situation of lubrication points before start installation, add oil and grease filling, then do idling test, and start the installation as everything is normal. For part of the installation of batching machine, small batching machine is placed on a solid foundation pier plane, large batching machine requires pouring anchor bolts.
During the installation, all places need to do welding should be welded firmly, after completing the installation, all lubrication points are required to be checked to ensure that they are filled with oil. And then follow the instruction manuals to begins idling tests and debugging.
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