How does automatic ready mix concrete batching plant work
Reading Guide:Automatic ready mix concrete batching plant has taken the most part in the market, then how does the automatic ready mix concrete batching plant work.
Nowadays, requirements for concrete product are becoming more and more, thus ready mix concrete plant has a promising prospect. With the development of industrial technology, ready mix concrete plant makes a great progress in operation capacity, operation performance, environmental protection, turning to more intelligent. Automatic concrete batching plant has taken a key position in present days.
Then how does the automatic ready mix concrete batching plant work? Firstly, we know that concrete batching plant is mainly made up from material storage part, material weighing part, material conveying part, and mixing part. For automatic concrete batching plant, the above parts are all controlled by automatic control system which presets operation process through computer, including presets of material mixing method, concrete slump, and production volume.
During the production process, material feeding, conveying and mixing processes are carried out automatically according to computer programs within the set time:
(1) aggregate drops into weighing hopper through outlet port at the bottom of aggregate hopper which will be closed automatically as the weighing standard is achieved,
(2) and after weighing, aggregate is conveyed by belt conveyor to mixing tank of mixer.
(3) Meanwhile, cement, fly ash and other powder material is conveyed by screw conveyor to powder weighing hopper and then to mixing tank.
(4) What's more, water and additive are also conveyed by special conveying system.
(5) After mixing, concrete is discharged from discharge outlet port to concrete mixer truck, then the production is finished.
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