Semi and fully automatic HZS50 concrete batching plant
Reading Guide:HZS50 concrete batching plant is divided into fully automatic or semi automatic, the what's the differences between these two types.
We supply fully-automatic and semi-automatic HZS50 concrete batching plants, then what's the differences between these two types. The main difference is that they have different control systems. The fully-automatic HZS50 concrete batching plant adopts fully automatic control system, while the semi-automatic HZS50 concrete batching plant adopts integrated control system. 
Just after pressing a button, fully-automatic control system will control the production process to perform automatically, so it is suitable for the concrete batching plant which don't have many staff.
However, the integrated control system controls the production process step by step, which needs more staff.
Wish the above introduction will be useful for you. Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery, as a professional manufacturer, supplies qulity concrete batching plant. Welcome to consult us for more information.

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