Considerations as choosing concrete batching plant
Reading Guide:It is not simple to set up a concrete batching plant. But what consideration factors are important when choosing batching plant?

It is not simple to set up a concrete batching plant. But what factors are important when choosing concrete batching plant? Let's talk about the following aspects:
1.Host mixing machine. Choose host mixing machine according to concrete specification, for example, water conservancy project adopts compulsory mixer.
2.Concrete batching plant scale. Decide the concrete batching plant scale according to workload and time limit. Suppose total workload is M, concrete casting period is T (days), working hours every day is H and usage factor is K, then batching plant scale X=M/T*H*K (K=0.7-0.9).
3.Construction environment and construction object. Think about that if there is assistant batching plant when one-time pouring quantity is huge, if the traffic is convenient, and if construction sites are dispersed.
4.Skill of plant operator. Generally, small concrete batching plant is of simple structure, while large batching plant has complex structure and high automation, require better operation skill.
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