Zhengzhou Jianxin gives a hand to the proverty
Reading Guide:Zhenghzou Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd make a proverty supporting plane according actual situations to help poor villager in Fushiban Gou village.
This year, government of Zhengzhou make great efforts to help the proverty, many enterprises also thried their best to assist the proverty-relief work. Zhengzhou Jian, as a member of Industry and Commerce Association, actively took part in the significant action.
Zhengzhou Jianxin coordinated by Fushiban Gou village committee made a scheme according to the actual situations to help families of Zhang Liuzhu and Ma Chunbin, sending food and daily necessities to them. And afterwards, Jianxin helped them to learn skils and find jobs to earn a better life by themselves.
Zhengzhou Jianxin is trying to be a helpful enterprise for people and for society all the time.
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