Do you know the main parts of the concrete mixing plant equipment?
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concrete mixing plant equipment

Concrete mixing plant equipment is a large concrete mixing plant equipment, its production efficiency is high, environmental protection performance is well received by the users. So what parts of the concrete mixing plant equipment do you know? Let’s see whether your recognization is complete.

Aggregate system

Aggregate batching system building of concrete mixing plant equipment includes two parts, including bin and aggregate weighing device. Customers can choose their prefered number of aggregate bin according to their own needs. There are two, three, and four bins are available for you to choose, which can be respectively store middle size stone, fine stone and sand. Each aggregate is measured independently by the scale bucket and the sensor. The proportioning, weighing and transmission are controlled by the automatic program.

Batching system

The batching system of the concrete mixing plant equipment consists of cement, fly ash, admixture, water and admixture, and a number of weighing devices are set up. All kinds of materials can be measured separately, with the function of coarse and fine proportioning. The aggregate collecting device installed on the batching layer is actually a coarse and fine aggregate entering the waiting hopper of the concrete mixer. The use of this device can largely increase the feed rate and increase the productivity. The aggregate device can also be equipped with sensors to monitor the accuracy of the aggregate measurement.

Mixing system

The mixing system of the concrete mixing plant equipment consists of a mixing machine, a feeding device, a water discharge pipeline, a maintenance platform and other components. The main mixer is double axle forced type concrete mixer machine, the feeding device is aggregate, powder, water discharging pipeline to the transition interface of concrete mixer feeding. There are four maintenance ports on both sides of the device. When the door is opened, the safety of the concrete mixer is ensured by proximity switch. High pressure water pump is installed in the unloading pipeline, so as to accelerate the discharge of the water scale and wash the stirring arms and blades of the mixer.

Discharge system

The discharge system of the concrete mixing plant equipment consists of the concrete discharging device and the overhaul platform. The concrete discharging device is hung on the mixing platform through the four hinged shaft. The upper part of the device is a concrete hopper, and the outer wall of the hopper is equipped with a vibrating motor. If necessary, it can activate the vibrating accumulation.

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