Precautions for safety operation and maintenance of concrete mixer truck
Reading Guide:Special vehicles (such as concrete mixer truck)for bulk cement, ready mixed concrete and ready mixed mortar are mostly driven at night. Due to large loading capacity and some fast driving behaviors such as fast speed and red light, traffic accidents happen frequently.

In order to ensure concrete mixer machine vehicles driving safety, in addition to obeying traffic regulations and civilized driving, we must know the proper operation and maintenance of bulk cement truck and concrete mixing truck, so as to prevent all kinds of safety accidents.

concrete mixer truck

1, before loading, check and remove ash and slagging in tank and outlet pipe. All pipes and valves should be opened and closed, and there should be no obstruction or leakage. All connections should be solid and reliable before loading.

2, before opening the loading mouth, the exhaust valve should be opened first to remove the residual pressure in the tank.

3, when loading, the material position device switch should be opened in the material tank. When the full position sound signal is sent out, the loading should be stopped immediately.

4, after charging, charging port should be piled up on the edge of the cement clean, cover the feed cover, and the bolt lock.

5, before unloading, the vehicle should be put on the flat unloading yard, the unloading pipe should be loaded, the discharge pipe, the butterfly valve and the pressure relief pipe ball valve should be closed, the two air pipes should be opened, and the compressed air can be connected to ensure the start of the air compressor under no load condition.

6. When pressurizing the tank, it should be confirmed that the discharge valve is in the closed state. When the pressure of the tank is up to the unloading pressure, it should first open two times the air port valve and then open the unloading valve, and adjust the opening of the two time air valve to adjust the best ratio of air to cement.

7, the unloading process, should observe the pressure gauge pressure changes, such as the pressure rises, the gas hose clogging, no discharge, should stop aspirated and release pipe pressure, and then clear the blockage.

concrete mixer truck machine

8. During the unloading operation, the air compressor should be responsible for the air compressor, and the other personnel shall not operate without authorization. The speed of the internal combustion engine must not be changed when the pressure unloading is carried out.

9. At the end of the discharge, the vent valve should be opened, the residual gas in the tank is exhausted and the valves of the various parts should be closed. In the course of a vehicle, there is no pressure in the tank.

10, it is not allowed to load and unload the cement in the open air. Often should check and confirm the feed cover tightly closed, do not let water or moist air into the tank.

11. When maintaining and repairing under the bottom of the car, the internal combustion engine should be extinguished, the hand brake is tightened and the wheel wedge is fastened.

12, when a vehicle needs to be tested when it is repaired, it should be driven by qualified personnel. No passengers can be loaded on the vehicle. When driving on the road, a trial license issued by the traffic administration department shall be hung.

13, when parked on the ramp, parking should be hung on the reverse downhill, uphill parking should be hung on a triangular wedge, and should be used as tire plugged.

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