How to make concrete mixing plants more environmental friendly?
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concrete mixing plants

With the development of society, concrete mixing plants are more and more common within our sights. Because of environmental pollution, the concrete mixing plants we built must be environmentally friendly, and must not pollute the air. Now Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd. will tell you how to make concrete mixing plant being more environmentally friendly.

1. Strengthen the environmental protection of the whole equipment

Concrete mixing plants must have external sealing equipment, transporting aggregate, powder and mixing work in closed environment, so that it can effectively prevent dust diffusion and reduce air pollution.

2. Storage of unified waste

The waste or garbage of the concrete mixing plant should be centralized and managed in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. When the concrete mixing plant is discharged, the concrete scattered on the ground must be cleaned in time, and be transported to the designated site for unified treatment. The waste residue and wastewater must be treated uniformly.

3. Strengthen the discharge of sewage

The production and discharge of sewage from ready mix concrete batching plant should also be dealt with in time, at least through three processes such as sedimentation, purification and filtration, so that it can be discharged and recycled as much as possible. Waste oil and waste water containing toxic and harmful substances must be disposed centrally after canned and shall not be discharged randomly. Any untreated wastewater is strictly prohibited to be discharged directly into the nearby water system.

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