Small concrete mixer price
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small JDC350 concrete mixer

In the series of concrete mixing machines, concrete mixer is the main equipment for mixing concrete, and its size determines its mixing capacity. Of course, different models are designed according to different needs. Some large mixing plants will naturally use a large concrete mixer in order to meet the production requirements. And some small construction projects, only for the current needs of the project, so the use of small concrete mixer can meets the needs.
So what’s the price of a small concrete mixer? The smaller concrete mixer models are probably JDC350, JDC500, JS500, and JS750. Its production capacity is also from small to large. These all belong to the forced mixer, JDC single horizontal shaft, twin shaft JS. As for the price, it is basically between 20 thousand yuan RMB and 50 thousand yuan RMB. This is the average price on the market. It depends on the specific model and the price given by the manufacturer.
Different kinds of commercial concrete mixer are quoted differently in the same commodity concrete mixer plant. The price of small concrete mixer machine of the same type and equipment is quite different at different manufacturers. For reasons, I think you should know something about it.
The size of each commodity concrete mixer is different, and its corresponding structure and principle are different. Of course, the technical material can also be different. As for the commodity concrete mixer, the quotation will not be the same.
The price quotations of the same type and equipment of the commercial concrete mixer in different commodity concrete mixer are also varied. This is because the material is different, and the price of some concrete mixer manufacturers is somewhat low, which means you should choose carefully.
Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery is a specialized manufacturer of concrete mixing machinery. All kinds of concrete mixers have their own unique technical characteristics. From small JDC350 concrete mixer, to JS3000 concrete mixer, as well as the vertical planetary mixer, there are specialized production workshops. More questions about the blender, contact with Jianxin machinery.

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