JS1500 concrete mixer supply
Reading Guide:JS1500 concrete mixer is the main concrete mixer of Jianxin, the core component for HZS75 and HZS90 concrete mixing plant.

JS1500 concrete mixer is a high-performance concrete mixer developed by our company at large cost, large space, low volume utilization design and the best import original. The mixer is superior in quality and high in mixing quality, which is the best choice for customers.

JS1500 concrete mixer

Product advantages

1. The advanced design concept of blender solves the problem of mixing and sticking of mixing powder perfectly, improves mixing efficiency, reduces mixing load and improves product reliability.

2. More than 30 years of rich experience in mixing concrete successfully solved the problem of mixing cylinder cover bonding material problem, and relieved the trouble of cleaning the lid of the mixing drum for the users.

3. Concrete mixer collapsbillity can realize monitoring and adjust at any time, provide a guarantee for the user to produce high quality concrete;

4. Scientific design concepts and reliable experimental data minimize friction and impact of materials. Material flow is more reasonable, which greatly shortens the mixing time, improves the mixing efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of mixing.

JS1500 concrete mixer supply

Pre purchase notice of JS1500 concrete mixer

1. What does JS1500 mean?

Answer: in accordance with the provisions of the industry, JS represents the compulsory dual axial mixing, 1500 represents the concrete mixer discharge capacity is 1500L, it is so-called 1.5 cubic.

2. What is the height of the 1500 mixer?

Answer: the output height of the 1500 mixer is 3.8 meters at present, but with the increase of the height of the concrete transport vehicle, it has now increased to 4.1 meters.

3. How much is the 1500 blender?

Answer: 1500 mixer for shaft forced type concrete mixer, mixing it according to different (single or double motor pneumatic motor), feeding (elevator or conveyor) the difference in the price of 150 thousand RMB.

4. What type of mixer is the 1500 mixer belong to, and what is the scope of its application?

Answer: This machine is a double axle forced type concrete mixer, each rated discharge capacity is 1500 liters. Suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small-sized prefabricated components plants and industrial and civil construction engineering departments such as highways, bridges, water conservancy, ports, wharfs, etc., mixing hard dry concrete, plastic concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortar. Besides being used as a single machine, it can also synthesize a simple mixing station with the PLD1600 batching unit, and can also be used as a supporting host for the HZS75 concrete batching plant.

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