What is the price of HZS90 concrete mixing plant?
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There are a variety of different types of concrete mixing plants, which are differentiated according to their output. The medium concrete mixing plant, represented by the HZS90 plant, is the most common use.

HZS90 concrete mixing plant price

Type HZS90 concrete mixing plant is a medium concrete mixing plant with a high degree of automation. The configuration of different types of concrete mixing plants is also different.

Jianxin concrete mixing equipment is widely used in commercial concrete mixing pile, hydraulic components, marine concrete mixing sites, and its design and manufacturing are according to the different requirements of the process and the actual needs, so that each set of equipment is with distinctive professional quality.

HZS90 concrete mixing plant cost

[Specification]: HZS90

[Accessory and features]: conveying belt, cement silo, screw conveyor, PLD concrete batching machine, dual axial mixing console, intelligent computer control room and metering system etc..

Jianxin HZS90 concrete mixing plant, the theory of productivity model of equipment is 90 cubic meters per hour; the mixing console is the JS1500 type forced mixer, nominal capacity is 1500L; batching capacity of concrete batching machine is 1600L, the maximum productivity is 80t/h screw conveyor, the aggregate diameter is 80mm; cement weighing range and accuracy is (0~900). 1%kg, additive weighing range and accuracy is (0~50) + 1%kg, weighing range and accuracy is 0~5000 + 2%. The reference weight of the reference is 97 * 103kg, and a solid base mixing plant is needed.

The characteristics of Jianxin HZS90 commercial concrete mixing plant:

1. The whole set of equipment adopts a combined structure, which is convenient to install and move the whole machine.

2, the main engine of HZS90 plant is JS1500 forced concrete mixer, which has good mixing quality and high efficiency.

3. The PLD2400 concrete batching machine is used for the aggregate proportioning, the electronic scale is measured and the measurement is accurate.

4, the ingredients, mixing and discharging are controlled by the automatic electric control system, the control system has: free dynamic switching between batching process automatic, semi-automatic and manual control and the three operating modes: automatic peeling, automatic fall compensation; printing machine; open inspection and alarm function; operating authority management control parameter; formulation, contract, raw materials, vehicle and the driver of the computer housekeeper; video monitoring; dynamic process simple and intuitive display and a series of leading edge technology; control system of imported components, work safety, control room insulation effect is also very good, with air conditioning, a full set of concrete mixing plant is cost-effective.

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