Characteristics and functions of mobile asphalt batching plant
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Mobile type forced asphalt batching plant equipment using intermittent drying cylinder, double forced mixer, and the host machine of it can be dragged, occupies small area, short installation period, convenient operation and maintenance, good stability, high degree of automation, high degree of standardization, and high product quality, excellent technology. Mobile compulsory asphalt mixing plant is suit for the laying and maintenance of asphalt pavement.

Asphalt plant

1. The combined structure of the roller dryer and the batching machine is installed on the movable support to facilitate the movement.
2. The asphalt mixing plant is equipped with a double horizontal axis, which can make the aggregate boiling and make sure the mixing is uniform.
3. In the densely arranged bucket, the hot aggregate rises vertically. This kind of lifting tool is convenient and reliable.
4. In order to accurately weigh the aggregate, asphalt and powder ore, the measuring scale is used, including the weighing sensor of the electronic measurement.
5. The motion of the power material follows a closed spiral path, which not only ensures a small loss of material, but also provides a safe transfer.
6. On the cyclone burner, the high pressure oil is sprayed out and quickly atomized. In the combustion room, the material is spirally fed and automatically ignited by the oil mist, which ensures the combustion efficiency. The cylindrical cylinder of the burner is separated from the head of the burner. The furnace chamber can be pushed and pull out to facilitate the replacement of the damaged side column bricks inside the burner. The whole burner has large heat capacity and high thermal strength. This is the cost benefit.

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