How to reduce the wastage of concrete mixer machine for sale?
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As a professional production of concrete equipment, concrete mixer parts wear is inevitable. But in order to save costs and prolong the service life of the equipment, how to reduce the wastage ratio of concrete mixer is a problem that most users will consider.

concrete mixer machine for sale

The wastage of the concrete mixer machine for sale would bring many troubles to the customers. Different degrees of wear almost affect the normal work of the concrete mixer. The wear is unavoidable, but there are some techniques we can learn to reduce the wear ratio, let’s see how to reduce it.
The first is the lubrication of the concrete mixer, there are many places need lubrication, method and quantity of lubricant are not the same, sometimes also need to replace the new lubricant, but also need quantitative timing of lubricant, the user must understand the lubrication technology to ensure the lubrication of concrete mixer.

JS3000 concrete mixer

The parts of the concrete mixer machine which are easy to wear are shakers, stirred blades, surfaces, and stirrers. How to reduce the wear of these places? The key of the vibrating screen wear is with the vibration bearing. The user must choose the high quality bearing, and the lubricating device should be reasonable. Users must lubricate bearings regularly. Because the blades need to be mixed with concrete, the wear is generally serious, which requires users prevent large hard objects or steel wire from entering the mixing drum when adding materials. Mixing blades need regularly maintenance and repairment; possible reasons for concrete mixer surface is the wear of slight shock, vibration, impact, abrasion, rust and so on, which requires the attention of the user, avoid collision in use, and keep the surface clean. Once rust condition occurs, deal with it immediately; mixing drum also would also wear which need the user clean tube immediately in the end of the work, prevents the concrete from solidifying in the stirring cylinder.
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