The maintenance work of concrete mixer machine for sale
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At present, the forced mixer is widely used in all walks of life. But in the foundmental knowledge of concrete mixer machine, some operators is still scanty, even caused damage to the equipment because of the wrong operation. We should know the proper use of mixer and blender mixing arm can not only complete the work on time, but also can prolong its service life. Below we will take the compulsive JS1500 concrete mixer as example, to see the arm maintenance work of concrete mixer machine for sale, which should not be ignored.

JS1500 concrete mixer

If you want to maintain the proper concrete mixing arm, you must know the reason that cause the stirring arm bent etc. The concrete mixer is feed in materials the aggregate size of which does not conforming to the specifications, especially due to mixing of pebbles. Pebbles hardness greatly exceeds the crushing hardness capacity that of the ordinary city's commercial concrete mixer arm, so if it is proposed to replace the full set of mixing arms and blades when stirring pebbles. If the aggregate size is too large, it is recommended to reduce the diameter of particles before use. Customers need to directly replace the new mixing arm when the mixer is used for a period of time, and the service life of the general mixer is 30 thousand cubic meters. When the concrete is stirred or is expected to stop for more than 1h, except for the remaining material coming out, the stone and the clear water will be poured into the barrel, and the machine will be rotated and cleaned up after the mortar is stuck on the barrel. There must be no water in the barrel, so as to avoid the rusting of the barrel and the blade. At the same time, it should be clear that the dust outside the mixer can keep the machine clean and perfect.

JS1500 mixer

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