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concrete mixer truck manufacturers

1. What is the function of concrete mixer truck tug?

Answer: the tug is a bearing, which is to support the tank. It is a part of the mixer and auxiliary agitator.

2. How to clean the cement mixer tank?

Answer: the water tank of the mixer should be put into the tank every time after the discharge is finished. The water should be stirred in the return time, and then the water will be discharged after arriving at concrete plant. The surface of the tank should be cleaned when it is added to the water. Of course, it can also be cleaned directly with water in the water tank. If the cement slurry has been solidified, look for a professional personel to deal with it, and the surface can be scrubbed with oxalic acid.

3. Concrete mixing tank failed to rotate or rotating is not strong, and hydraulic oil sprayed out of fuel tank port, what is the reason?

Answer: May be the seal part of the oil pump is broken. Back to the oil, may be the oil pump closed foot is not working, change the foot pads to see whether it will work normally.

4. What is the speed of the mixing drum of a concrete mixer truck?

Answer: the feeding speed of the mixing truck is: 6 - 10 turn / sub; the rotating speed of the mixer when: 6 - 10 turn / points.

5. What is the distance between the inlet and the ground of the 8-12 party concrete mixer?

Answer: the height of the general 8-12 party mixer is about 3.8 meters, and the entrance of the feed is about 3.5- meters from the ground, which is determined by different models.

6. How to change oil of mixer hydraulic pump?

Answer: generally do not change oil yourselves, directly go to the after-sale point and find professional personnel to replace it, and the oil must meet the requirements, otherwise, the equipment will be greatly damaged, and the service life will also be greatly reduced, replacing the reasonable labeling of hydraulic oil.

7. What is the relationship between the filling rate of the tank in a cement mixer and the inclination of the tank?

Answer: at present, the inclination of the mixer is about 12 degrees, and the filling rate is about 63%. When the inclination is not well measured, the filling rate is difficult to calculate. At present, the sales volume of the mixer is based on the effective mixing volume.

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