Development of concrete plant international
Reading Guide:Concrete was first invented by the British, so it was inferred that the concrete mixer was also invented by the British. This article will talk about the development of concrete plant international, especially concrete mixer of concrete plant.
concrete plant international

Concrete plant international has a long history, we’ll track back the history of concrete mixer, which is widely used in concrete plant. The concrete mixer appeared in the form of self falling mixing. With the increasing demand for concrete, forced mixer has emerged. The forced mixer can be divided into two types: vertical shaft type and horizontal shaft type. The two forms of agitator are almost all in the country.

The self falling mixer can be traced back to the beginning of the twentieth Century. The drum type concrete mixer driven by the steam engine in the early twentieth Century has begun to appear. In the next fifty years, the reversion of the double conical blender and the taper mixer have been developed gradually.

Since the self falling concrete mixer is mainly composed of stirred plastic concrete, the forced agitator began to rise. Since the beginning of the early 1950s, the forced agitator has been developed and popularized rapidly. The first is the shaft type forced concrete mixer. It is divided into two kinds of vortexes and planetary concrete mixer.

After 70s, with the application of lightweight aggregate, a circular groove horizontal shaft type forced mixer, also known as a horizontal shaft mixer, was developed. It is divided into a single horizontal shaft type and double shaft type, both have self falling and forced mixing characteristics. It is a new type of mixer developed in 70s. It can be divided into single shaft and double shaft. This type of mixer has two functions of self mixing and forced mixing. The speed of the stirring blade is smaller than that of the vortex type, so its wear resistance is smaller than that of the vortex slurry. The single horizontal shaft mixer is Germany's compact structure, low power consumption, good wear resistance of blade lining, full load start and the ability of mixing lightweight concrete. Our country also introduced the prototype to the company. Twin shaft mixer is a new type with the improvement of concrete construction technology and gradually developed. Foreign countries began to appear in the United States and Germany in the late 1940s, but because of the immature shaft sealing technology, their development is basically in a state of pause.

Until the beginning of 70s, due to the technology breakthrough, twin shaft mixer in many countries developed rapidly, and has now formed a series of products. China was successfully developed in the early 1980s. In terms of product specifications and quantity, our country was far more than the other models. The mixing mechanism is the core part of twin shaft mixer, concrete mixing quality and productivity, how much maintenance costs are associated with it. The stirring mechanism is composed of a double circular groove tube with a horizontal placement, two stirring axes rotated in the opposite direction and the stirred blade mounted on it. The role of the radius of the agitating vane is a cross cutting, blade and shaft center line into a certain angle, when the stirring shaft rotates, a blade drive mixture turns to circular motion in two mixing tube, rolling up and down, and the stirring blade meet or overlap, mixes the axis between the two sympatric the exchange; on the other hand to promote the mixture along the shaft direction, constantly rotating from plane to another plane of rotation motion. Compared with the self falling concrete mixer, this mixing method is more powerful and is mainly suitable for mixing dry concrete in concrete plant international.

After that, the continuous concrete plant mixer appears. Its working principle is that spiral mixing blades are installed inside, and all kinds of materials are sent into the mixer after weighing continuously according to the mixture ratio, and the well stirred concrete is discharged continuously from the unloading end. The advantages of continuous mixing soil mixer: short stirring time and high productivity.

With the development of concrete material and construction technology, new structures of concrete mixer have appeared, such as steam heating mixer, supercritical speed mixer, sound mixer, no swing disc mixer mixing blade and secondary stirring concrete mixing machine. This all forced the development of concrete plant international.

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