Concrete mixer truck for sale
Reading Guide:With the rapid development of concrete production and construction technology, some countries have gradually adopted the way of concrete centralized agitation and commercialized supply. Concrete is provided by special concrete mixing station and transported by concrete mixer truck to all construction sites. This paper briefly introduces the structure principle and maintenance of concrete mixer truck for sale of Jianxin.

The composition and working principle of concrete mixing truck for sale

The concrete mixer truck is composed of the automobile chassis and the concrete mixing special device. The chassis of the concrete mixer truck produced in Jianxin concrete plant company uses two kinds of general chassis provided by the vehicle manufacturers. The special mechanism mainly includes the force collector, the bracket of the mixing drum, the reducer, the hydraulic system, the mixing cylinder, the control mechanism and the cleaning system. Its working principle: take out the power of the chassis and drive the variable pump of the hydraulic system through the force taking device, and transform the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, and transmit it to the quantitative motor. The motor drives the reducer again, and the mixer is driven by the reducer to stir the concrete.

concrete mixer truck for sale

1. Force pulling device

The domestic concrete mixer truck adopts the way of taking the force of the main car engine. The function of the power device is taking out the engine power through the manipulation of power switch, drive the mixing drum by the hydraulic system, beater cylinder forward rotation in the feed and transportation process, in order to feed and mix concrete, reverse rotation during discharging, cut off the power of the engine in the end of the work.

2. Hydraulic system

The engine power taken from the power take-off is converted into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then output mechanical energy by the motor (speed and torque), which provides power for the rotation of the stirring drum.

3. Reducer

The speed of the motor output in the hydraulic system is decelerated and passed to the mixer.

4. Control mechanism

A. controls the rotating direction of the mixing drum so that it is rotated in the feed and transportation process and rotates in reverse.

B. control of the rotating speed of a mixing drum

5. Agitation equipment

It is mainly composed of a mixing cylinder and its auxiliary supporting components. The mixing drum is a concrete loading container. It is made of high quality and wear-resistant thin steel plate. In order to automatically install and unload concrete, its inner wall is welded with special shape spiral blades. The concrete moves along the spiral direction of the blade when it rotates, and is mixed and stirred during the continuous lifting and turning. In the process of feeding and transportation, the mixing tube is turning and the concrete moves along the blade. When the material is out, the mixer reverses, and the concrete is unloaded out of the blade. The rotation of the mixer is guaranteed by a hydraulic drive. The load is 3~6 cubic meters. The concrete mixer truck for sale of Jianxin generally adopts the hydraulic pump driven by the automobile engine through the power output shaft, and then the high-pressure motor is driven by the hydraulic motor to drive the mixing cylinder. The loading capacity is 9~12 cubic meters, then the auxiliary diesel engine is driven by the hydraulic pump to drive the hydraulic motor. The blade is the main component in the agitator, and the damage or serious wear will lead to the uneven mixing of the concrete. In addition, if the angle of the blade is not reasonable, the concrete will be separated.

6. Cleaning system

The main function of cleaning system is to clean the mixing barrel, sometimes also used for the transportation of dry mixing. The cleaning system also plays a cooling role in the hydraulic system.

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