HZS180 concrete plant for sale at a 5% disccount
Reading Guide:Good news. Jianxin is going to hold a sales promotion to celebrate Christmas Day, this chapter will introduce one of its promotion products--HZS180 concrete plant.
HZS180 concrete plant for sale

As Christmas festival is in the corner. To celebrate this special day as well as returning our customers, Jianxin determins to sale its hot product-- HZS180 concrete plant for sale at a 5% discount. Here, I’d like to introduce the main characteristics of HZS180 concrete plant for you.

1. Good agitation performance

The main mixer adopted German technology, mixing performance is strong, the agitation is uniform, rapid, and the productivity is high. Good mixing effect can be achieved for the concrete with dry, plastic and various proportions. The special treatment of the blender's liner and the mixing blade, the unique bearing and seal of the shaft end greatly improves the service life of the main engine. Reduce the peak current of the host and save the power up to 30%

2. High reliability

All the electrical components of the control system are imported, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment. Reduce the mixing time of the stones in the host (only 15S), prolong the service life of the vulnerable parts of the main engine and improve the overall competitive ability of the mixing plant.

3. unique non stick axis Technology

Through the unique design and reasonable distribution of the parts and actions of mixing arm, stirring blade, material feeding point location, material feeding sequence and so on, the problem of concrete axial adhesion is solved, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

4. Accurate measurement accuracy

The control mode of microcomputer and meter is adopted, which has the advantages of fast calculation speed and short response time. With the patented technology of feeding and automatic weighing, the accuracy of measurement achieved the national measurement standard in dynamic state. Adding admixtures to save the amount of admixtures.

5. perfect industrial design

The whole machine has a beautiful appearance, a reasonable layout, pleasant color, more comfortable operation and more convenient maintenance. Strict logical thinking, profound design concept, detailed ergonomics processing and exquisite detail design are the guarantee of excellent products. The transition bin realizes sand and gravel separation, double door structure, real-time detection of opening and closing state, and can flexibly adjust sand and aggregate unloading sequence to meet different process requirements.

6. The TV monitoring system can be set up

According to the user's order requirements, several TV monitors (usually four points) can be set up for real-time monitoring of batching machine, concrete mixer machine outlet and so on.

7, simple operation performance

The machine is controlled by computer. It can be controlled automatically, and can be operated manually. It is easy to operate and easy to master. Dynamic panel shows that it can clearly understand the operation of each component, and can store and print report data. The whole structure is rearranged, the water scale is moved to the middle of the host, so that the water is discharged from the middle to the two sides and shortens the time of water flow.

8. Good maintenance performance

Each maintenance part is equipped with a platform or ladder, which is directly visible and has sufficient operating space. The main engine cleaning is equipped with two sets of pump flushing and manual operation, and can work at the same time. The station closed or semi closed equipment can ensure that all operations can be performed regardless of the weather.

9. excellent environmental protection performance

All the powdery materials, from feeding, batching, metering, feeding to mixing, are all sealed in the condition of sealing. The fully enclosed structure of the mixing main body and the aggregate belt conveyer greatly reduces the pollution caused by the dust and noise, and can configure the centralized dust removal system and the sand and sewage treatment and recovery system according to the needs of customers, so as to achieve zero emissions.

10. convenient transfer field installation

The whole structure is modular. The batching machine, belt conveyor, main body and screw conveyor are all independent institutions. The main body is composed of several independent modules, which are quick to disassemble and install, and convenient and fast to transport.

If you need HZS180 concrete batching plant, grasp this chance. The discount acticity will be canceled as soon as the festival is over. We also have other concrete products for sale at the same discount, if you are interested, please contact us instantly.

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