Maintainance for concrete plant pots
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Jianxin plant pots

The mixing pots is the storage equipment in cement concrete mixing plant, it is often called cement silo, cement tank (warehouse). It’s usage is not just in the correct method of operation, but also in the late maintenance and regular maintenance and cleaning. So regular maintenance can not only ensure the performance of concrete plant pots is more efficient, it can also prolong the service life. Hence, the correct use of plant pots is especially important. Especially the new customers bought back cement tank always do not know how to use and maintenance, use and maintenance will undoubtedly become a big problem. Especially the cement silo new broght from cement silo manufacturers, they often don’t know how to correctly use and maintain it. The plant pots we can see in the processing sites are often hard to identify the original color, which is because users are neglectful in taking precautions to protect it’s skin and thus make it erosion. Some users may think that is not important, in fact, they are wrong. Maintenance, cleaning, lubricating oil of concrete plant pots, all of these aspects can not be ignored and need to pay attention, we must strictly enforced.

1. Dust removal of concrete plant pots:

No matter how well cement silo conveying materials, there will be dust exist, so in the transportation of materials, wear a mask as far as possible. Regularly check the cleaning system. Different precipitators are mainly mechanical cleaning mechanism and the cleaning mechanism of pulse, must clear the dust bag on the cement bag, to prevent clogging that would result in explosion. It must be carried out according to the correct operation, otherwise it will cause environmental pollution.

2. Safety of concrete plant pots

Cement silo is used for storage of bulk materials, the capacity of which is large, generally have capacities from 30T to 300T, the bearing capacity is bigger, stronger than the general container, so the use of cement tank must take safety as the first goal, as the cement tank users should regularly carry out maintenance of cement tank parts so, not only can ensure that the cement tank performance, but also required safety.

3. Regular cleaning of cement silo 

The cleaning work can not be neglected, but most of the users in the clean-up did not care much or fall to master the cleaning skill. They may be push too hard to make cement tank deformation or paint is damaged. So beat the concrete in the cement silo with a sledgehammer is prohibit in the cleaning process to remove accumulated in the bulk cement tank tube, only clear it with a chisel.

4. Filter system 

Check whether the internal bag needs to be replaced (if it is with pressure control directly see differential pressure meter)

5. Dynamic system

Check whether the induced draft fan operate normally, daily maintenance of main fan (some roof scrubber did not install the fan)

6. Local equipment

Inspection equipment tightness (to prevent air leakage). When the tank body is hardened, remove the tank after hardening of cement, carefully observe whether the tank has cement laden condition.

Taking care of concrete plant pots, together with screw conveyor, you can always complete material's  store and deliver work

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