How to avoid the cement silo collapse?
Reading Guide:The news of the collapse of cement silo has been spreading on the Internet these days, and some accidents even caused severe casualties.Then what can we do to avoid cement silo collapse? Quite easy, let's see:

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Cement silo collapse videos and pictures are spreading on the Facebook and Twitter recently. Reflection on such accidents, part of the reason are related to the installation of the cement silo does not meet standards, only solid foundation can silos set up safety. According to years of production experience of concrete plant and cement silo, combined with the cause of cement silo collapse, Jianxin will get you some advice for reference!

The main reasons for the collapse of the cement silo are the following three points:

1. the quality of the cement silo produced by the manufacturer has a problem.

2. the users do take measures to protect the cement storehouse, and when there is a hidden danger, the user can not found in time.

3. The foundation is not well.

There are three ways to solve the above problems.

1. the user must carefully check the quality of the cement warehouse, especially the quality of the welding.

2. maintenance work must be done in time and make sure that the leg are protected well, often removing the rust and anticorrosion.

3. the foundation work must be carefully done, do not steal material, in strict accordance with the specifications of the cement silo;

Installation guidance of cement silo manufacturers

After selection of bulk cement silo | cement silo tonnage models, carry on the foundation construction according to the bulk cement silo foundation map and the corresponding support drawing provided by Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery. Choose tonnage matched crane to hoist cement silo on the base, and weld personnel do the weld work . During welding, the axis of the silo is required to be perpendicular to the base of the support (bottom) after the welding of the support and the silo. The perpendicularity error is not more than 1/100. Welding firm the embedded parts and bulk cement silo (heightening anchor bracket), continuous weld foot height is 15mm.

In strict accordance with the installation standard as aforementioned, then cement silo collapse accident can not be happened any more, Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery new bulk cement silo is especially suitable for medium scale construction, hydropower, roads, ports, airports, bridges and other construction projects and large and medium-sized concrete mixer machine products factory and commercial concrete mixing plant factory production. If you need it, welcome to contact us.

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