Concrete mixing plant operation management
Reading Guide:This page disscusses the main problems which need to be pay attention to in the process of concrete mixing plant operation.

concrete mixing machine

The process of concrete in the process of production and construction directly affects the quality of the whole project. Concrete enterprises should reasonable command and mobilize the vehicle and human in material reserves, equipment condition, quality and skills of technical personnel, change of the weather, traffic impact, site construction and construction conditions, to meet the needs of the project, and thus enhance the competitive ability of the mixing plant. In this paper, the system management of concrete mixing plant operation is discussed.

1. Management and control of concrete mixing plant production system

The management and control links of the concrete mixing plant operation system include raw material control, mixture ratio design and control, production and transportation process control, delivery inspection and so on. At present, many commercial concrete mixing plant managers’ professional knowledge and quality consciousness is not strong, lack of enough knowledge and understanding about the concrete industry and concrete products, the choice of equipment of professional configuration is not high, measuring instruments are not accurate, some concrete mixer machine leave the factory even without any test. Know little about the modern computer methods and even do not accept it at all. Regard the concrete production as the traditional, simple, general building materials, to maximize the simple pursuit of interests, not serious implement standards, shoddy and practise fraud, leading to the occurrence of engineering quality accidents.

2. Improve the management of the staff's comprehensive quality

It is a very important link to cultivate and improve the comprehensive quality of the employees and the construction team in the field. Concrete is timed, fixed-point and quantitative. It is reflected in a project site. It is a continuous, uninterrupted semi-finished product. It is determined by dozens or even hundreds of natural, mechanical and artificial factors and links. Every link is important. All posts are the most critical. There are no sub - points on this issue. Because the concrete production process is a continuous way of operation, and the production of semi-finished products will take 1-2 months and even longer maintenance to form the final product. Therefore, managers of concrete production enterprises must take staff position training as the most important work and put it on the top of the most important agenda. We must abandon the idea of heavy profits and light management at present, which is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.

3. Perfect the management of technical service work

Due to the fact that many construction companies do not know the difference between commercial concrete and site mixing concrete, there are often inappropriate practices in construction technology, and concrete is semi finished, which often results in engineering quality disputes. Therefore, strengthening of information communication and technical communication, provide the necessary technical services of concrete mixing plant manufacturers, is very conducive to the quality control and harmonious relations and harmony. It is suggested that the company provide service at the appropriate time in the form of written prompt, regular customer visit and so on, and sell the service as our product to the customer.

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