How to control the concrete mixing plant cost?
Reading Guide:In the production process of concrete mixing plant, cost control is very important. Cost control is the main means of control in cost management. In order to improve the mixing plant competitiveness in the fierce competition of concrete market, we must strengthen the production cost and safety risk control of concrete mixing plant in the process of production and transportation, we will talk about what to do to control the concrete mixing plant cost

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(1) strict control of the construction technology of concrete

The construction technology of concrete should be strictly controlled from four aspects: measurement, mixing, pouring and maintenance. At the site of the concrete plant, the loader is basically used for the loading operation. Although mixing plant itself has automatic metering device, in the charging process, the loader hopper is relatively small, the loader is large, wothout baffle arranged in the hopper, sand and stone would occur mixed phenomenon in the charging process, which can seriously influence the measurement accuracy and the strength grade of concrete and pump performance. Therefore, in the mixing process, the pipe blockage problem is usually solved by increasing the sand rate or the amount of cement, which greatly increases the concrete mixing plant cost. In the actual operation of concrete mixing, due to the failure to operate in the shortest time of mixing according to the relevant regulations, the problems of pipe blockage and the pumping and workability of concrete are often happen.

(2) innovation of the model of cost management

At the present stage of our country, concrete mixing plant cost management pattern mainly has three kinds: commissioned processing combined mixing plant production management, commissioned processing of self built mixing plant production management mode, self-processing mixing plant production management mode. Make corresponding change in these three modes, and find out the most suitable for yourself.

(3) reasonable control of the mixture ratio of concrete

With the development of the construction industry, the optimization of the cost of concrete has become an important consideration. The plant is calculated on the basis of concrete is very important for the cost with the ratio of concrete concrete mixing ratio is an important part of cost control of the concrete mix, and it also determines the amount of specific concrete raw materials, reflects the technical level of a company and the project. In order to control the concrete mix ratio effectively, each concrete mix ratio can be extracted and analyzed in each working class.

(4) control of the incidence of the accident

The accident of concrete batching plant mainly refers to the losses caused by objective factors and subjective factors, such as compensation, additional inspection, site repair, grade labeling, ash removal and ash removal. After the accident, we should fundamentally find out the reason: is it due to the production management level, quality control level or technology level? After analyzing and finding out the reasons, we should conduct the accident responsibility investigation appropriately and objectively. In order to improve the convenience of the analysis of the accident cause, we should try to carry out the quantitative management analysis as far as possible, and provide decision-maker with the cause of the digital form of the accident.

(5) strict control of material purchase

The procurement of materials are admixture and water, fly ash, slag, sand, cement. In the selection of raw materials, many aspects should be taken into account such as the price, especially in cement procurement. Cement is the essential material of concrete, the selection should be comprehensively strict.

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