How to deal with sewage effectively in concrete batching plant?
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Gennerally, a large scale concrete batching plant will set up a special waste pool, which is used to store waste materials generated in daily operation. Regular cleaning of the pool, reuse the waste in the pool, so as to achieve effective use of energy two times, can helps concrete mixing plant manufacturers save capital. The waste generated in the following process should also be shelved according to the degree of its usability. Some of the waste which has no value to be reused should be stored separately, and shall not be discharged directly to destroy the surrounding environment.

Concrete mixing plant in the operation will discharge dirty water constantly, these dirty water, is difficult whether for the enterprise or for the surrounding environment to deal with, and it is also a key point for the environment. Usually, factories need to introduce scientific means to deal with this kind of situation.

Although the dirty water of concrete batching plant is difficult to handle, it is not impossible to handle it. First of all, we should make sure that the environment is not the precondition. Then we need to set up a special pool of dirty water to carry out the sedimentation process of wastewater. Excavation of a pool will increase the cost of some sites, but store the wastewater in the pool, after accumulation, you can use the waste more than once, which can reduce the investment in the operation process virtually. In addition, the accumulated water can also be used to scour and reduce the dust, and reduce the percentage of air dust and dust in the mixing station.

General concrete plant dust is difficult to collect, but it is the most serious damage to the surrounding environment. This kind of fly dust need to use special dust collection equipment to collect, after the recycle the dust need to use of again in the process section. Many times use of resources can not only reduce costs, but also reduce the damage to the surrounding. It is more conducive to strengthening the image halo of enterprises, and develop a good reputation in the industry.

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