How to ensure high production of concrete batching plant?
Reading Guide:Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery company is a manufacturer of domestic high-quality concrete batching plant,and it has twenty years of experience in the development of the industry. Professional technical service team of Jianxin gives a few experiences as follows.

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Henan Jianxin Machinery company is manufacturer of domestic high-quality concrete plant, has twenty years of experience in the development of the industry. Professional technical service team of Jianxin summed up a few suggestions to ensure high quality production equipment as follows for reference:
Whether brand is big or small, only by producing high quality concrete can have more customer support and better reputation in the market, how to ensure the equipment to produce more qualified concrete batching plant is the most concern of the 
concrete mixing plant manufacturers. Through years of practice, Jianxin technology service personnel summed up several experience:

1. in the concrete production process, we must arrange special personnel to check the quality of materials. In the inspection, if the mixture ratio is found abnormal, should timely check and make sure that the material, the conveyor belt and the operating table is in normal work, the existing problems should be adjusted in time.
2. after adjustment, if the ratio is still abnormal, you should immediately stop production, and notify the laboratory sampling test timely, according to the laboratory provides new mix of production. Ensure the quality improvement of grade concrete.
3. in the production process, the loader in the back yard should cooperate with each other, to balance feeding. Ensure no overflow or broken material, and loaders running safety in the running. Safety is the premise of all production.
4. during the production of stabilized soil batching plant, the operators in the enterprise should concentrate their efforts and find out the abnormal problems. They should take decisive measures and report to the field engineer in time. Making timely handling emergencies and production report.
5. in the production process. The concrete mixing time must be strictly obeyed according to the process requirements and the mixer instructions, and the high strength concrete should extend the mixing time. Let concrete be fully fused to ensure good quality.
6.concrete mixing station enterprises should not only to be equipped with the corresponding technical personnel and necessary inspection and experimental equipment, but also need to establish and improve the necessary technical management and quality control system. Each responsible person should ensure the quality of concrete mixing station.

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