How to achieve higher production efficiency of batching plant
Reading Guide:As we know, batching plant can be affected by factors of all aspects, every batching plant manufacturers hope that their plants' production efficiency becomes higher and higher. But how? let's see

Commodity concrete mixing plant is different from the engineering concrete mixing plant, the production efficiency not only demand timely supply of a single site, but also can meet the requirements of different sites for different types of concrete needs. And the production cost of commodity concrete mixing station is higher in order to meet customer needs as well as gainning profit, we must try to improve the production efficiency of commodity concrete mixing station.

concrete batching plant

1), from the cost of production, it is necessary to save resources. In order to reduce the waste of concrete raw materials, the ratio of the same batch of the same material should be recycled as much as possible in the test mix ratio. Establish a good, efficient recycling mechanism, recycling the waste of resources caused by the production process as much as possible.
2), from the production process, to optimize the production structure and the production program. Here mainly refers to the optimization of production structure of concrete mixing station, improve the commercial concrete mixing station's production efficiency as far as possible, while pay attention to the concrete mixing station equipment ground maintenance. Routine maintenance can avoid temporary failure phenomenon in the production process, influence the normal production of concrete mixing plant.
3), from transportation after the completion of the production. Based on the number, its production capacity and commercial concrete mixing station site design demand, equipped with concrete mixer truck number of 1.5:1, to ensure that all market demand timely and effectively transported to the construction site.
4), establish third party plan. If the temporary replacement of the raw materials, concrete mixing station equipment temporary fault, vehicle temporary fault phenomenon, the third party plans can be treated timely and effectively, so as not to affect the normal production of commodity concrete mixing station.

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