How to improve the efficiency of concrete mixing plant?
Reading Guide:The efficiency of the stabilized soil mixing station is affected by many factors, this article is talking about how to improve its mixing efficiency.
The production efficiency of concrete mixing plant determines the speed of the whole project progress. Mixing quality is also related to the quality of the project, in order to ensure the mixing quality and mixing efficiency, excavator can be used to to balance the moisture content of raw materials. The black ash, lime water content is determined by many uncertain factors, especially the lime digestion quality, quality, the screening condition can affect the efficiency in the use of lime.
concrete mixiong plant equipment

Therefore, before use, ensure that the most suitable construction of lime water to grasp the right time destacking. If the pile is too wet, the excavator can be turned over several times until the proper water content is reached. The construction efficiency and the ash dose are guaranteed.

Site selection of stabilized soil mixing plant is also very important. Whether the transportation in the field is unblocked or not is also related to the production efficiency. Because in production, not only need to consider the efficiency of loader loading, but also take cares that the transport vehicles do not congestion, and feeding vehicles not affect the site construction. In addition, the loading machine will load the material when the material is stabbed, which is convenient for the operator to poke the material, but it can not be too late, otherwise it will be broken.

Therefore, the improvement of the efficiency of the stabilized soil batching plant is affected by many factors, and the close cooperation between the man-machine and external factors and internal factors is needed.

Three parts should be strictly monitored to ensure safe operation of mixing station:

1. Concrete mixing plant safety requirements of electrical system. Electrical system in the selection of equipment safety requirements, Equipment console should be equipped with emergency power-off switch, should be able to cut off the total power supply automatic reset emergency switches in urgent situations. 

2. The safety requirements of structural components. Concrete mixing station standards stipulate that mixing station operation platform, feeding, aggregate bin, cement warehouse and other parts involving personal safety should be set up safety protection device. 

3. The safety design of mixing station. Foundation design of mixing station should be designed and confirmed by the designers who have the qualification of construction according to the real situation of local geology or real scene. 


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