High efficiency of concrete mix design
Reading Guide:The concrete batching plant refers to the configuration of the concrete mixing material storage, all kinds of raw materials the feed ingredients, mixing station, and control devices required for the preparation of concrete. All kinds of aggregate, binder, admixtures, additives and water according to a certain proportion using concentrated stirring mixer to complete equipment supply fresh concrete production of concrete.Concrete mix design is vital to concrete mixing station.

Concrete mix design is vital to concrete mixing station

1.Mixing system
The mixer to stir the principle can be divided into compulsory and self falling types. Forced body does not move, and the stirring shaft is rotating by stirring arm driving the stirring blade material of the tank for guiding stirring; self falling mixer drum rotation with stirring blades installed in the mixing tube and the material lift up the material by their own gravity drop, and axial motion so as to achieve the effect of mixing.
2.Aggregate batcher
Aggregate batching machine is a kind of aggregate flow equipment which integrates the functions of sand and stone storage, measurement, batching, output and so on
inclined belt conveyor. 
3.Belt conveyor
The belt type and inclination angle of the belt conveyor are selected according to the product structure type and the field application condition.
4.Powder silo
The bulk powder raw materials such as cement, fly ash, slag powder, expansive agent all adapt silo. The silo specifications are 100t, 150t, 200t, 300t or more. Silo storage capacity is small, the material supply channels for powder mixing station for continuous production of concrete flow of higher requirements.
5.Screw conveyor
The conveying of cement and other powder must be carried out in a completely sealed chamber so as not to pollute the environment and to transport material to damp.
6.Liquid material system
Commonly known as the waterway system, including water and liquid additives storage and feeding equipment and piping components.
7. Measuring system
According to the physical characteristics of the measuring elements, the metering device is divided into flow, time measurement, volume measurement, gravity weighing and measuring methods. The weighing and measuring devices are divided into mechanical lever scales, lever electronic scales and electronic scales according to the structure.
8.Solar system
The gas path system comprises an air compressor, a gas tank, a gas pipeline and a gas water separator, oil mist, valve pneumatic accessories for discharging door, aggregate storehouse bottom door, the metering hopper bottom door or butterfly valve, midway bucket bottom doors and other devices to execute the switching operation of the cylinder and the lower cone of powder silo the arch breaking device with compressed air.
9.Auxiliary device of mixing station
(1) centralized lubrication system
(2) dust removal device
(3) concrete unloading device
(4) powder unit

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