Concrete batching systems with modern and superior technology
Reading Guide:Concrete batching plant control system is equipped with precise batching machine equipment, and it can control several independent batching lines and each line can be set the key ingredients according to user requirements. The control system, except for the sensor, are all placed away from the field of mixing station central control room to operate and to achieve the expected goal.

Concrete batching plant has many systems, and today we have mainly talked about control system in modern technology.
Present situation and development of control system of concrete batching systems 
1. Research & development and production status of concrete mixing station control system
 Two ways:
1.1 Independent research &development and production entirely by the concrete mixing station manufacturing enterprises with 
1.2 Outsourcing to professional automation company R & D and production

2. Technical status in China market
The rapid development of the domestic construction industry in recent years, the domestic concrete mixing station control system has passed the test of practice, more and more mature and reliable. But its structure is different, to sum up, there are mainly two categories: 
2.1 The first type of PLC (programmable logic controller) for the control of the core mode. This model has two kinds of structure: industrial computer, +PLC+, instrument mode, industrial computer, +PLC mode.
2.2, The second types of single-chip microcomputer board or microcontroller module (instrument) for the control of the core. There are two types of institutions: industrial computer + microcontroller board, industrial computer + microcontroller module (meter). 

3. Application of new technologies
3.1 Dual control technology
3.2 Humidity measurement technology
3.3 Network and information technology
EPR management system of concrete mixing station
Following is a brief introduction of the system, including the laboratory management subsystem, mixing station management subsystem, fleet management subsystem, real & management system, marketing management system, material management system, equipment management subsystem, financial management subsystem, manager subsystem, statistical analysis and management subsystem, personnel management sub system.
It can improve the level of information mixing station of enterprises, so that all business through information sharing, collaborative office to achieve efficient, meticulous management in order to improve the efficiency of the staff, reduce operating cost, strengthen marketing coordination, improve capital operation, fundamentally improve the competitiveness of the mixing station and make the decision to fully grasp the data. More scientific, concrete batching systems is conducive to the mixing station of scientific, rational, systematic, standardized management, so that the mixing station management level up to a new stage.
3.4, GPS global positioning technology, GPRS wireless network communication technology, GIS geographic information system technology.

I believe that with the development of science and technology, there will be more updated science and technology applied to the concrete mixing station system.

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