Concrete steps of concrete engineering process
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Concrete steps of concrete engineering process

Generally, concrete engineering process has following concrete steps:
1, Concrete steps one
Concrete mixing adapts self falling mixer, and suitable feeding order should be: first, adding l/2 of water, next adding stones, cement, sand to mix, and then adding the remaining 1/2 water to keep stirring. The stirring time is not less than 1.5min, and if you put additive, the mixing time should be extended. Various material measurement must be accurate: cement, water, additives is + 2%, and aggregate is + 3%. When in rain, you must often check water content of sand, stone, in order to ensure the water cement ratio is accurate.
2, Concrete steps two
Concrete transportation: From mixing place to pouring place, concrete transported time should be shorten as far as possible, and according to temperature, it should be controlled at 0.5 ~ LH. When using commercial concrete, it should be fully stirred then unloading, does not add any water. If concrete segregation, it must mix again, and having been the initial setting of concrete should not be used.
3, Concrete steps 3: concrete pouring, vibration
1) before pouring the concrete wall, first pouring 125px thick concrete wall with the same composition of cement mortar or reducing stones at the bottom joint. With a spade evenly into the mold, not suggesting directly applied into a mould. The first layer of the pouring height is about 1250px, after that the pouring height should not exceed 1m every time; and pouring and vibration of concrete feeding should be distributed. The wall continuous casting, the construction time interval are not more than 2h. The concrete wall joints should be set up in the doorway lintel cross section. When using the 1/3 junction or stay in the aspect of flat die wall, the wall should be left at the joint. The vertical joint should be vibrated. When pouring, you can clean the floor ashes at any time.
2) When pouring the hole, the pouring height of both sides is symmetrical and uniform, and the vibrating bar is more than 750px of the hole edge. It should be vibrated simultaneously from both sides to prevent the deformation of the entrance hole. The lower part of the big hole should be opened, and the concrete and vibration shall be added.

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