Batch system with high efficiency and low price
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1.Precise batch system is a part of concrete mixing plant. It can be metering proportioning conveyor a variety of materials with accurate measurement, fast speed, no abrasion on the material, the features of high accuracy, full automatic control system. The batch system mainly consists of measuring unit, weighing device, feeding system, unloading device, mechanical frame. 
2.The batch system of concrete mixing plant consists of a plurality of feed hopper, cement, fly ash, slag and other continuous conveying, measuring, automatic batching and it is a kind of weighing equipment. Our batch system is equipped with advanced metering system, powerful, dynamic weighing and automatic control error correction, according to the capacity with automatic metering. The discharge adopts intelligent automatic sorting, at the same time, switch input and output signal line do automatic detection, automatic calibration zero tracking. The batch system overcome the shortcomings of the traditional production gap type batching system and improve a high degree of precision.


Characteristics of batch system 

1. The batch system can set the formula according to the need of customers;
2. With manual and automatic proportioning function, you can switch between automatic and semi - automatic;
3. Weighing data display real-time ;
4. with data storage, query and statistic engineering;
5. The batch system can query, print and record data , automatic printing material with details;
6. With serial communication port and the computer networking management;
7.According to the user equipment, the batch system can expand the various functions;
8. The batch system is suitable for severe dust environment.

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