Shaft end sealing technology for js concrete mixer in Jianxin
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Horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer with strong stirring force, good mixing quality, high productivity, strong adaptability, suitable for plastic, semi plastic, dry concrete and mortar production. Twin shaft mixer is widely used in concrete mixing station and as the host. Due to horizontal transverse mixing spindle, when it works, it completely submerged in the strong ability of grinding gravel, cement materials and forming the special requirements of shaft end sealing device. In a long period of time, the shaft end sealing technology has been restricting the development of horizontal axis concrete mixer.

Seal is located in mixer mixing shaft end, a stirring blade (cylinder) and bearing (cylinder), and its main role is to prevent the shaft leakage. The gap between the mixer in the work of mud is composed of a fixed component on the cylinder and the rotating parts to the cylinder body extrusion. The fine particles in the mud enter the shaft end clearance and will wear fixed and rotating components and seals. If the mud plug lubricating oil, mud in the fixed and rotating parts within the gap part get hardening, accelerated to wear and caused shaft leakage; if the mud enter and destroy bearings, it will cause the machine working improperly.

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