How to dismantle concrete batching plant
Reading Guide:The concrete batching plant project is just to meet concrete needs of specific project work period,after the completion of the mixing plant will need to be removed to the new construction site.
In general, commercial concrete batching plant is larger than project concrete batching plant, and send concrete to anyplace where there is a need of concrete. Commercial concrte batching plant does not need disassembly, while the project concrete mixing station is to be removed to a new construction site after meeting the requirements of specific project within work period.
Before disassembly, firstly make sure that all power cut off, the control system and all parts of the equipment are cleaned up, all the wires, pipes, etc. should removed in order, and put into reasonable storage. Next is the disassembly of mechanical part. 
the removal procedure of the mechanical part is opposite to installation procedure, as follows: a closed system → batching system → flat belt conveyor → inclined belt conveyor → screw conveyor → fly ash → cement weighing systems → host steel cement mixing system → cement, fly ash tanks.
During the demolition, ensure the rational storage of disassembled components, to facilitate the installation again. And comply with the demolition work practices, pay attention to construction 
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