what’s reason about concrete mixing station mixed unevenly
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1. Many customers in the use of concrete mixing station construction process will meet many common problems. However, materials are mixed unevenly becoming a more serious problem, because it directly affects the quality of concrete, so today our company technicians explain it in detail.
2. After stirring, if unloading is not uniform or appears dry and wet uneven phenomenon, it may be two reasons. On one hand, the mixing time is too short, and concrete isn’t mixed effectively and uniformly. On the other hand, it may be the nozzle spray pipe is not installed correctly, resulting in water not uniform, thus it is easy to cause uneven wet concrete there, obvious dry and wet phenomenon.

3. So how to solve this problem? The technical personnel of our company provide you with a detailed solution. First of all, we must check the concrete mixing time, and if it is too short, it needs to be extended. Secondly, to check whether the nozzle of the spray pipe is installed correctly, and it should be adjusted according to the installation of the installation method. If you have other solutions or you want to know about more information, you can also contact us.

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