Analysis on dry mortar equipment vibration generator fault
Reading Guide:
  1. Dry mortar mixing equipment adopts the leading technology in the development of the market in the building, but the device appears some common problems in the production process.We must master the ways to solve these problems and we can make sure the normal operation of equipment. Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery technical personnel explain the reason of dry mortar mixing equipment vibration generator fault for you and put forward some solutions:
  2. If the device encountered this problem in the process of operation, please don't worry, you need to troubleshoot the problem gradually and then solve the problem. Firstly, checking whether the vibration motor plug connection is normal, if there is no, you need to correct the connection. Secondly, seeing whether the motor is good, if the motor occurs fault, you need to immediately replace the motor again. Thirdly, checking whether vibration generator time relay adjustment, if not, we need to adjust the vibration interval. Finally, we need to check the vibration motor relay fault, if a failure occurs, we need to replace it.
  3. Only grasping the solution to these problems in detail,can we use the correct method to solve the fault in the first time and ensure that the whole set of dry mixed mortar production line can be normal construction work.
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