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      Now,it is particularly lively in Qiaolou town Fuhe village, and Qiaolou Town Fuhe Vllage Charity Supermarket has been officially open in local government’s support. All the helpless masses within the jurisdiction can bring evidence monthly to choose 30 yuan love supplies in the supermarket.
     This initiative is a new model for exploring poverty alleviation and charity in order to provide a platform of love and convenience for the people in difficulty.
      In this small market, there are some relevant system and donation unit posted on the wall of entry port. Two rows shelves are full of "commodities", rice, noodles, oil, shampoo, soap, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, kettle, cups, straw and other kinds of life activities, selected specifically for the necessities of life by the village villagers. Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery also actively participate in the activities to successfully establish charity fund donations and Charity Supermarket. It is said that Zhengzhou Jianxin machinery manufacturing Co. Ltd donated 10 thousand yuan in the first batch of love supplies, Zhengzhou Jinniu Motor Factory donated 2000 yuan, and the Xingyang Charity Federation donated 10 thousand yuan in this activity.
      At present, the municipal government precise poverty alleviation campaign "offensive" has been fully started. a Qiaolou town focuses on the development and implementation of various initiative in the precise poverty alleviation policy and laid a solid foundation for poverty alleviation work. Qiaolou town Party Secretary Lu Xiaowei said that Qiaolou town will be strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the province, city to strengthen organizational leadership and make sure good quality.
      At the same time, as an important supplement to the government charity relief system, municipal charity should play a good role, "timely assistance" charity actively with the Poverty Alleviation Office and being invested 800 thousand yuan to build "Xingyang city poverty relief rescue fund" for poor households filing riser to carry out a comprehensive special charity relief activities; actively participate in the "poverty care action"for each unit, the township provide charitable support to give aid to needy people to provide funding for poor students love, timely rescue for patients with serious illness.
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