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Foundation-free containerized concrete batching plant is a kind of new mixing plant manufactured by Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. It consists of mixing system, control system, material storage system, weighing system and conveying system. Main components of the batching plant are located in several containers which put together reasonably to perform the concrete mixing work. The batching plant is applicable to the concrete mixing for the projects of hydropower, road, dock, airport and bridge as well as the construction of commercial concrete batching plant.
Foundation-free containerized concrete batching plant adopts modular structure based on the traditional batching plant, consisting of five standard container modules in which the main working systems of batching plant are separately put.



Productivity: 60-180m³/h
Unloading height: 3800mm
Type of Mixer: MHZS60-MHZS180
Overall power: 112kw-215kw



1. Easy installation and convenient movement
In terms of the container module structure, all of the components, pipelines and electric wires are installed in corresponding containers, and connections between containers use the standard container location pins and a long fastening bolt. Thus, the installation and transportation to other sites can be carried out conveniently just by moving containers.
2. Foundation-free design, small occupied area
Cement concrete foundation is not necessary during the installation of the containerized batching plant. The installation can be carried out just after laying down steel foundation plate according to requirements of foundation, which saves much time and manpower efficiently, especially when in the field construction. Furthermore, the structure is more compact so as to save much space.
3. Environment-friendly
Main components are enclosed in containers so that dust pollution and noise pollution are reduced efficiently during mixing.
4. Applicable to harsh environment
Container cases can protect core components from harsh weather of snow and rain as well as sand and wind.

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