• WBZ300 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

    • Production rate:300t/h
    • Overall power:102.7kw
    • Overall weight:39t
    • Aggregate:±3%(volume) ,±2%(weight)
    • Powder material:±2%(volume) ,±1%(weight)

    Introduction of WBZ300 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

    WBZ300 stabilized soil mixing station is my company to meet the needs of the construction of high grade highway, city roads, airports, docks, stadiums and other base materials, using special mixing equipment at home and abroad advanced technology development and production.
    Stabilized soil mixing station in Germany can use lime (moisture content 10-15%), soil, sand, fly ash, cement and other raw materials, production of cement stabilized gravel and lime stabilized base material, pressure concrete base material. It is the production of basic materials, accurate mixing, mixing, to meet the requirements of Engineering construction. The equipment has the advantages of good performance, advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable quality, convenient operation, easy maintenance and high productivity. With manual, automatic, mobile and other models to choose from, the whole set of equipment with only one operator.
    The main structure system of the stabilized soil mixing station:
    1, ingredients supply system: sub hopper, variable speed metering belt conveyor, belt conveyor.
    2, cement material supply system: cement silo (cement bucket), variable speed variable frequency metering impeller feeder, screw conveyor.
    3, automatic water supply system: pressure tank, submersible pump, pipeline, pressure reducing valve, water meter, water sprayer.
    4, mixing system: motor reducer, twin shaft mixer.
    5, storage bin device system: double discharge storage bin, inclined belt machine, air compressor.
    6, electrical system: operation control cabinet, operating room.
    7, measurement and control system: the use of well-known manufacturers of electronic parts, electromagnetic (variable frequency) speed control, microcomputer control manual, automatic two forms.



    Structure and characteristics

    1, host of the twin shaft mixer, mixing, convenient maintenance, high production efficiency.
    2, the use of electronic weighing or volume measurement, reliable measurement, the ratio changes rapidly.
    3, speed control by frequency conversion or electromagnetic speed regulating mode of international advanced, reducing energy consumption, stepless speed regulation, and fully guarantee the reliability of equipment operation.
    4, the use of intelligent water turbine flowmeter, accurate measurement, display smooth and reliable.
    5, the finished product conveyor adopts seamless vulcanization joint ring tape, compact structure, stable operation.


    Item Model
    Parameter WBZ300
    Production rate 300t/h
    Metering method Volume metering
      Computer metering
    Mode of speed regulation Frequency speed control
      Electromagnetic speed control
    Control method Automatic
    Aggregate ±3%(volume) ,±2%(weight)
      Powder material ±2%(volume) ,±1%(weight)
      Water -1~2%
    Overall power 102.7kw
    Overall weight 39t
    Main configuration Mixer, batcher, belt conveyor, cement silos, concrete storage bins, control cabin, etc.

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