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  • Screw Conveyor

    Introduction of Screw Conveyor

    Screw conveyor makes use of continuously rotating helical blades to push materials. Jianxin screw conveyors have advantages of small cross-section, compact structure, light weight, and excellent sealing performance, flexible process arrangement, high conveying efficiency, safe operation, as well as convenient installation, disassembly and movement. 
    Screw conveyor is applicable for conveying various dust, grain, small lumpy bulk materials such as clay powder, coal dust, small coal, sand, pebbles and cast iron shavings etc. However, it isn't applicable to convey materials which is with big-viscosity, easy to cake or metamorphic. The screw conveyor is divided into horizontal, inclined and combined type according to configured methods and can be combined with other conveying devices. It is specially suitable for conveying bulk cement from cement silo to batching plant or from cement silo to batching machine in concrete batching plant.



    1. Make use of continuously rotating helical blade to push materials in a sealed cirular cross-section, with compact structure, small cross section.
    2. Flexible process arrangement, convenient installation, disassembly and movement, as well as safe operation.
    3. Light weight, excellent sealing performance and high conveying efficiency,


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