• JZR500 Concrete Mixer

    • Feeding capacity (L):750L
    • Discharging capacity (L):500L
    • Capacity of water tank:140L
    • Power:14.7kw
    • Working dimensions (mm):5200*2250*2950

    Introduction of JZR500 Concrete Mixer

    JZR500 concrete mixer is used in remote areas without electricity, and it is based on the existing JZC mixer equipped with a diesel power generation system which provides electricity to the machine to ensure the normal work of mixer. The output of power generation system is to ensure the mixer work, and also providing part of the energy to drive other external small devices, such as vibrator.
    JZR350 concrete mixer is used to mix plastic concrete and concrete with low liquidity, applicable for most small and medium construction like projects of road, bridges, water conservancy.



    1. Diesel engine, a good option for those areas lacking of electricity.
    2. Reasonable structure, great reliability, high productivity, uniform mixing effect.
    3. Easily moved between construction sites.
    4. Steady performance, easy operation, low energy consumption.


    Model JZR500
    Type Self-falling
    Feeding capacity 750L
    Discharging capacity 500L
    Capacity of water tank 140L
    Aggregate size (mm) 60
    Power 14.7kw
    Dimension (transportation state) 3500*2100*2250
    Total weight (kg) 3050

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