• JZC500 concrete mixer

    Introduction of JZC500 concrete mixer

    Jianxin full-automatic JZC500 concrete mixer is composed of feeding, stirring, transmission and supply structure, chassis and electrical system components. A new generation of concrete mixer machine, the mixer has high mixing quality, reasonable structure, excellent production efficiency.
    Feed system
    The feeding system of full-automaticJZC500 concrete mixer is composed of hoisting mechanism, feeding rack, hopper and feeding funnel.
    Water supply system
    Start the pump can put the water into the mixing cylinder, a time relay in control system to control pump operation time to master the required concrete stirring every pot of water, when the knob to "control", the pump will automatically stop and run according to the time.
    JZC500 concrete mixer is equipped with the front support wheel, and the four corners of the chassis are equipped with outrigger, which can adjust the height. The mixer should support the leg firmly and make the whole machine stable.
    Mixing system
    The mixing drum is provided by the four tug support, and the transmission system is rotating by a motor driven of driving device on the cylinder gear. The stirring strength and stirring effect are better than ordinary mixer.


    JZC500 concrete mixer
    JZC500 concrete mixer


    1. strict design requirements, exquisite workmanship;
    2. gear ring drive, reliable transmission, light weight;
    3. low energy consumption and reasonable structure;
    4. stable operation, convenient operation;
    5. excellent mixing quality, high production efficiency, high stirring strength.


    Feed capacity 800L
    Pump power 0.75KW
    Stirring lifting power 11KW
    tyre size 5.5kw
    Pump power accuracy ≤2%
    Discharging capacity 500L
    Maximum speed 20kg/h
    Drum speed 13r/min
    Maximum aggregate size 60/80mm
    productivity 18-20m³/h
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