• JW350/500/750 Concrete Mixer

    • Volume (L):350~750
    • Feeding volume (L):350~750
    • Mixing drum (diameter*H)(mm):Φ1200×1400~Φ1500×1400
    • Maximum aggregate size (mm):40

    Introduction of JW350/500/750 Concrete Mixer

    1. JW pan concrete mixer is turbo forced concrete mixer mainly consisting of trolley, gear box, motor, the feeding mechanism, embrace mixed institutions and other major components out of the chute.
    2. After tarting, through the transmission of the V-belt , couplings , worm reducing gear box, perform feeding , mixing and discharging.
    3. Due to smaller volume, JW concrete mixer is quite suitable for underground project, mine project and other projects.



    1. Steady working performance, compact structure, low energy consumption, reliable running, high productivity, light weight, etc. 
    2. Convenient maintenance, time and energy savings, as well as elegant design.
    3. Combined with batching machine, it can meke up small and medium batching plant with quick and tidy discharge.


    Model JW350 JW500 JW750
    Volume 350L 500L 750L
    Feeding volume 350L 500L 750L
    Matched Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
    Maximum aggregate size 40mm 40mm 40mm
    Discharging method Automatic Automatic Automatic
    Dynamic source Electric driven Electric driven Electric driven
    Main shaft revolution (rpm) 21 35 40
    Mixing drum (diameter*H)(mm) Φ1200×1400 Φ1500×1400 Φ1500×1400

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