• JS2000 Concrete Mixer

    • Discharging capacity (L):2000
    • Feeding capacity (L):3200
    • Maximum productivity(m³/h):120
    • Overall dimension (mm):4320*2200*3300
    • Assembly weight (kg):11100

    Introduction of JS2000 Concrete Mixer

    JS2000 forced concrete mixer with double shaft concrete mixer, made up of pump and conveying pipe, continuously conveys concrete along pipelines by means of pressure. It is used to mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortar.
    It is mainly divided into classes of gate valve concrete pump and S valve concrete pump. And according to the structure, it is also divided into classes of piston concrete pump, compressing concrete pump, hydraulic-diaphragm concrete pump. Pump installed on the truck chassis and distributing boom which can be scalable and folded make up a pump truck, applying to projects of building construction, bridge and tunnel.
    JS serial stationary concrete mixer is major product of Jianxin Machinery.



    1. Adopts advanced distribution valve of S pipe which can automatically compensate worn clearance and has a good sealing performance.
    2. Adopts wear-resistant alloy plate and floating cutting ring to lengthen service life.
    3. Adopts three-pump system, and its hydraulic circles operate systematically without disturbing each other.
    4. Has remote control function so that operation is more convenient and safe.
    5. Concrete pump has the function of reversely pumping which is useful to resolve the pipe blockage in time and stop to wait for material in a short time.
    6. Material tank with long stroke lengthens the service life of material tank and piston.
    7. Material hopper with optimized design is convenient to clean and has an excellent suction performance.
    8. Automatically concentrate the lubrication system to make sure machines can be lubricated effectively during working.
    9. All parts and components of concrete pump are subject to international standard and have good replaceability.


    Model JS2000
    Feeding capacity 3200L
    Theoretical productivity (m3/h) ≤120
    Mixing blade Speed 24.5r/min
    Mixing motor Type Y180M-4
    Winch motor Type YEZ160L-4
    Water Pump motor Type 80JDB-45
    Dimension (transportation state) 4320*2200*3300
    Total weight (kg) 11100

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